Celebrity swimsuit selfies: What we can learn? Positives or Negatives.

Oh look, it’s Heidi Klum posing in a bikini again. There’s Rihanna taking another selfie on the beach. And J-Lo, how awesome you look in your cossie.

Excuse me while I scoff a packet of Twisties, won’t you?

Flicking through Instagram for inspiration is one thing, but lately, every celebrity and their C-grade sidekick has been posting swimsuit selfies (swelfies) that may as well be a styled shoot, fit for a magazine. And you know what? It probably is.

Yes folks, before we get even more jealous (in one study, Instagram was 11 per cent more likely than other social media sites to induce pangs of envy), of their apparent 24/7 perfection, we should remember that celebrities control their image, and even if they’d like us to believe these shots are spontaneous, they’re probably meticulously planned.


Until we see a pic of Kim Kardashian awkwardly applying sunscreen to the tricky part of her back, or Beyonce frantically searching for keys in an overstuffed beachbag, hair flying in her face while Blue tries to feed her an old chicken and mayo sandwich that’s fallen in the sand, I think we can safely say these shots are BS.

Because we all really know what those trips to the beach are like, and while some mayget away with posting a one-off glamour pic, you know that just out of shot are the buckets, spades, beach balls and toy trucks, not to mention the sticky baby, who is determined to shovel sand in her mouth while you’re trying to fend off seagulls and clean up icecream that’s melted onto your toddler.

So when Gisele posts a pic of herself mid-cartwheel, in a bikini that flaunts her muscular bottom (ever heard those two words together in a sentence? Muscular. Bottom. It’s plain wrong), just know she’s projecting an image. That’s all it is. Smoke ‘n’ mirrors. It ain’t real. And the best bit about that is we can copy it, if we want to.

I’m not saying we should try and be perfect in a bikini. Hell no! I’m just saying we can lie. Here, the tricks to help project a celebrity image. And of course, take a better swelfie.

1.      Choose a swimsuit that fits. Not too sloppy, not too tight. A great secret is that a tie-side bikini might look skimpy, but suits most sizes because the ties are adjustable. Loosen after lunch.

2.      Pick a body part you like and emphasise it. If you have great breasts, choose a top that flatters and wear a necklace to show it off. Razzle dazzle up the top half and nobody will pay attention to anything else.

3.      Is your cover-up an enormous towel you tie around your waist as you wander up for hot chips (or is that just me?). Tsk tsk. I recently discovered the power of a great cover-up and it’s not a sarong, nor a kaftan, which makes you look about three sizes bigger. It’s a soft, lean, man-style shirt that you can then tuck into a pair of shorts and go shopping afterwards. Trust me, I learnt this one from the Master (otherwise known as Kate Moss).

4.      Two words: fake tan. That’s all.

Then we can all relish in the greatest meme going around on Instagram at the moment. “Q: how do you get ready for bikini season?”

“A: Buy a bikini.”


The big new pizza trend
From the “what will they think of next” files, comes the news that pizzas are a fashion thing now. First, Beyonce was spotted in a Kiko Mizuhara for Opening Ceremony pizza-printed top and pants earlier this year. Sounds bizarre but it was actually quite chic. Following this, Reformation released a T-shirt with the slogan, “Kate Moss and some pizza slices” – weird considering Ms Moss probably never eats pizza, but it’s a nice thought. Then Cara Delevingne and Katy Perry were seen out and about in the same Beloved, peperoni pizza-printed onesie, which looks more like a gigantic mess than a piece of clothing. Cara even had her hooded onesie done up over her face! Now the plot thickens (but still makes no style sense) with the announcement of McCain’s collaboration with fashion bloggers Tash Sefton and Elle Ferguson from and their very own pizza-print onesie you can win with a McCain Pizza Single purchase (see It really is an inexplicable phenomenon when you think about fashion folks and their eating habits. Perhaps they’re trying to get satiated through their clothing.

Wanted: A charge clutch
It was only a matter of time: a slimline clutch that was capable of not only holding your sleek smartphone or tablet but charging them too. Introducing the H & Butler MightyPurse, a handheld clutch bag with a built-in charger. We’ve all been in that anxiety-inducing position where our phones are about to run out of power. You know you’re in trouble when you start limiting communication to texts only to save battery and don’t even check Facebook. Well, no more. Charge up the clutch at home before you leave, and while you’re out, the MightyPurse can recharge you two and a half times over. Available in finishes including patent leather, ponyhair and leopard, it’s $109.95.



Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt Married: How They Spent Their Days Before and After Surprise Wedding

anjelina jolie

The Week Before Wedding: Arrive en France!
Jolie, 39, and Pitt, 50, touched down in the airport of Nice, France, aboard their private jet. After a busy year, including Jolie’s massive promotional tour for summer blockbuster Maleficent, the Jolie-Pitt brood headed to France, ahead of their top-secret nuptials.
“All the work on the house is almost finished,” a source told Us of their Chateau. “Each kid has his/her own bedroom in the main house, and the lavish estate includes amenities like a theater, gym, and indoor and outdoor pools. “Everyone loves it and they’ve spent the last week having some real quality time as a family,” the insider told Us.
PHOTOS: Brad and Angie’s surprise celeb BFFs!
Saturday, Aug. 23: Wedding Day
The A-list couple exchanged vows in a private nondenominational civil ceremony at their Provence estate, Chateau Miraval, attended by close family and friends, a spokesperson told the AP. Their children — Maddox, 13, Pax, 10, Zahara, 9, Shiloh, 8, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 6 — were involved in the wedding.
Sunday, Aug. 24 on: Relaxation
The Jolie-Pitt brood spent time celebrating and relaxing at Miraval before mom and dad had to return to work.


Wednesday, Aug. 27: Malta!
The couple landed in the Mediterranean island country at 3 p.m. local time, where they are shooting their new film, By the Sea.
Thirty minutes after arriving in Gozo, Jolie went to work and inspected the set. She was dressed in black trousers, a black top, and white jacket. According to an insider, Jolie was pleased with the set and “quite satisfied” with work. By the Sea was written by Jolie, and will be directed by the Oscar winner when filming begins next month.
Her husband Pitt, meanwhile, stayed in with the kids at an eco-friendly villa where they are residing. The family has a boat named “Getaway,” which they will most likely use to cross over to Malta’s main area.

News broke Thursday morning that the engaged couple of nine years were married.
Somewhere in between, Pitt flew to England for work. The Oscar winner attended a photo call for his WWII film, Fury, at the Bovington Tank Museum in Dorset, England. While on official business, Pitt was snapped wearing a wedding band on his left ring finger.

Thursday, Aug. 28: Brangelina Breaks the Internet, Brad Wears Ring in England

News broke Thursday morning that the engaged couple of nine years were married.Somewhere in between, Pitt flew to England for work. The Oscar winner attended a photo call for his WWII film, Fury, at the Bovington Tank Museum in Dorset, England. While on official business, Pitt was snapped wearing a wedding band on his left ring finger

The Week After Wedding: Their Amazing Villa!

While mom and dad work, the Jolie-Pitt kids get to play. A source tells Us that the couple brought along four nannies to help out at home.

The villa at which they are staying was built in the ’60s, and is owned by a winemaker. It’s a short walk to the beach and includes a small passageway which links directly to the sand and surf.




New Maze Trailer Arrives

Though it cannot be said that 20th Century Fox enjoyed a vintage panel at Comic-Con this past weekend, the studio did at least get a warm welcome for novel adaptation The Maze Runner and the charismatic cadre of cast and crew it brought to the stage. Also included in the presentation was the new trailer for the film, which you can view below via Yahoo. 



Adapted from James Dashner’s 2009 novel,As in its theme it was best sold till the time in now. which has been in development almost since it was published, The Maze Runner stars Dylan O’Brien as Thomas, who wakes up in a strange elevator transporting him into a massive maze filled with other boys. With no memory of exactly who he is, and plagued by strange dreams about a mysterious organization known as WICKD, he soon discovers that he’s in a very dangerous place. 

Only by piecing together fragments of his past with clues he discovers in the maze can Thomas hope to uncover his true purpose and a means of escape. But with the obstacles ever changing, horrifying creatures known as Grievers lurking in the maze and a surprise twist in the arrival of a young woman (Kaya Scodelario), it won’t be an easy task. 


What we saw of the film at Comic-Con was by turns intriguing and full of threats to the young cast, so hopes are high for this one. With Wes Ball and Will Poulter and Thomas Brodie-Sangster also among the ranks, The Maze Runner will be out here on October 24.


Box office preview: Can ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ save the summer?


Poor Caesar already has a lot on his plate between defending his family and community and helping the humans restore power in San Francisco. Now, he has to step up, squash the Transformers, and save the summer box office as well, which is down nearly 20 percent from last year’s record-smashing season.

t’s a good thing everyone so far seems to really like Fox’s Dawn of the Planet of the Apes—the second installment in their rebooted franchise, which picks up in the world of 2011?s Rise 10 years later. As of Thursday afternoon, it had the distinction of being one of the best-reviewed blockbusters of the year with a phenomenal 94 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. But, while Dawn should do better than the first film, saving the season might be a bit too much to ask of the Apes.

Rentrak’s senior media analyst Paul Dergarabedian put things into perspective a bit, too. “This is a more normal summer. If we weren’t comparing to the record-breaking summer of last year, it would seem like a normal type of summer with some hits and some misses,” he told EW. “But when week after week, we’re compared to the massive results from a year ago that propelled a record summer, then no question we’re going to be lagging behind.” He added: “Fast forward to next year, and this will all be a thing of the past. It’s cyclical.”

As for this weekend, here’s how things might play out:

1. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes — $60 million
Dawn, which cost Twentieth Century Fox and Chernin Entertainment a reported $170 million to produce hits theaters Thursday night starting with 10 p.m. showings and 3,130 of the film’s 3,966 locations will be presenting the epic in 3-D. The sequel, which sees the return of Andy Serkis’s Caesar, could be headed for a $60 million (or higher) opening. The studio is sticking with a more conservative mid-to-high $50 million prediction which would be more in line with the first film’s $54.8 million August debut in 2011. But between the critical love and the holdover goodwill from the first of the rebooted series, it’s likely that it’ll be higher than that. Fandango reports that it’s already outselling Rise and represents more than 70 percent of their weekend ticket sales. EW‘s Chris Nashawaty gave the film a B+, writing that “Matt Reeves’ surprisingly rollicking and resonant” film “easily tops its 2011 predecessor.”

2. Transformers: Age of Extinction — $16 million
T4 fell a hard 63 percent in weekend two and is poised for another drastic fall off as it enters its third weekend in theaters. It has already grossed over $600 million worldwide and has the distinction of being the highest grossing film in China in just 12 days of release, surpassing Avatar, the previous record-holder.

3. Tammy — $11 million
The Melissa McCarthy-led comedy will likely continue to underperform (by McCarthy standards) in weekend twodespite the fact that it has already earned more than its $20 million production budget. Rotten reviews and a C+ Cinema Score indicate that this weekend will see a dropoff in the 50+ percent range.

4. 22 Jump Street —$7 million
Sony’s 22 Jump Street, which has already earned over $163.9 million, is starting to exit theaters as it enters its fifth weekend on the market. It will probably fall in the 35 to 40 percent range.

5. Deliver Us From Evil — $5 million
Sony and Screen Gems’ $30 million horror film failed to attract a significant audience over the Fourth of July weekend and will no doubt see a huge second-week drop. Horror fans might be waiting for The Purge: Anarchy to hit theaters next weekend.

In limited release, The Weinstein Company is rolling Begin Again out to 939 theaters, Sony Classics debuts the retiree road trip pic Land Ho! in New York and Los Angeles, and IFC is releasing Richard Linklater’s Boyhood in five theaters.

Check back in this weekend for estimates and analysis.


‘The Amazing Spider-Man 3′ Appears to be Hitting Roadblocks

spider-man-3-rumorsPhoto: Columbia Pictures

Could the franchise be delayed a year?

For a film budgeted somewhere between $200-300 million and carrying $1 billion worldwide box office aspirations, the $704 million The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has brought in so far is a massive disappointment for Sony, which already had plans to release The Amazing Spider-Man 3 in June 2016 and The Amazing Spider-Man 4 in May 2018 along with The Sinister Six and Venom, building a complete Spider-Man universe. While I fully expect all of those films to get made, the timeline may have shifted.

Speaking with IGN, Amazing Spider-Man 2 screenwriter Roberto Orci tells the site he’s no longer officially involved in Spider-Man 3. This isn’t a huge surprise considering Orci has been named writer and director on Star Trek 3, but there is something so definitive when he says, “I’m not officially involved in it,” that it raises a few eyebrows.

As for the future of the franchise he adds, “I don’t know what their plans are… I don’t ever want to say never, but we have to figure out what their scheduling is in terms of when they want each movie. I’ve read probably as much as anyone else. There’s a love for ‘The Sinister Six,’ the idea of ‘Venom’ — there’s an idea of Spider-Man’s going to be one of these characters that’s part of our business. He’s such a popular character. Spider-Man’s not going to go away any time soon. When it all happens and how and all that has yet to be determined. I don’t want to say anything about what they should do. I don’t want them to think I’m spilling the beans about something.”

About a month ago rumors began swirling that Spider-Man 3 could be pushed all the way to 2017. Is that any big surprise considering the summer 2016 superhero slate includes Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Captain America 3, X-Men: Apocalypse, an unnamed Marvel movie, Planet of the Apes 3 and much more.

Then again, with upwards of 22 superhero movies in the next four years there may never be a “perfect” time to try and tweak the formula when it comes to Spider-Man. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.



Check out the First Image of Superman in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’

BATMAN V SUPERMAN MOVHere comes our first look at Kent’s alter ego, Superman, courtesy of USA Today. Happy Fourth of July to you, too!

Director Zack Snyder says the movie will be “thicker, denser and more epic” than Man of Steel, with a bunch more characters appearing to help pave the way for an upcoming Justice League movie in 2017. Aside from Batman (Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), the film will also see Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and reportedly Aquaman (Jason Momoa), though he’s not mentioned in the article. In addition, returning Man of Steel cast members include Amy Adams (Lois Lane) and Laurence Fishburne (Perry White), with Jesse Eisenberg trying on the part of Superman’s arch-nemesis Lex Luthor.

Snyder also talks about the title, saying the ‘v’ instead of a ‘vs.’ keeps it “from being a straight ‘versus’ movie, even in the most subtle way,” adding “You can talk all you want about other superhero movies, but it’s Batman and Superman, let’s just be honest. I don’t know how you get bigger than that.”

The film hits theaters on May 6, 2016. What do you think about the new rain-soaked image? Feels a little Gothamy, no?


Movies We Can’t Wait to See in 2015


The year of years. One to remember. By all accounts, 2015 looks to be one of the most exciting years in big Hollywood movies in a long time. From the return of Star Wars, to the return of The Avengers, to the return of Jurassic Park, to the return of Terminator, to the (re-)appearances of Ant-Man, Desmond Miles, SpongeBob, Aaron Cross, James Bond, Jason, Ethan Hunt, Ted & Mad Max. In keeping up with the features on FirstShowing, we’ve (finally) launched our 2015 Release Schedule, with listings that we’ll update as time goes on. For now, we wanted to inform everyone that the schedule is up and up-to-date.

We’re expecting 2015 to be considerably entertaining as we wade through so many of these new movies, and as always we’ll be here to keep you informed and updated on the latest news, trailers & details regarding all of these 2015 releases and beyond. In the meantime, dive into the 2015 schedule to stay current on the latest release dates for the 50+ movies on the line-up. From Star Wars: Episode VII, being directed by J.J. Abrams, to Brad Bird’s sci-fi Tomorrowland, to Jurassic World directed by Colin Trevorrow, to Ant-Man from Edgar Wright, it’s going to be an unforgettable year. What movies are you most excited about?


Official theatrical release schedule for all upcoming films in the year 2015. We tediously check and update this list to make sure the dates are 100% accurate. We also list both wide and limited release dates to the best of our abilities. If you find any discrepancies or missing films, just let us know. Please refresh for any updates.

Release dates subject to change. Click each title for project info / to view a trailer (if available).

January 2015

January 2 (Friday)


January 9 (Friday)

Kitchen Sink
Taken 3

January 16 (Friday)

The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
The Wedding Ringer

January 23 (Friday)

Black Sea
The Boy Next Door

January 30 (Friday)

Project Almanac

February 2015

February 6 (Friday)

Jupiter Ascending
Seventh Son (in 3D)
SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

February 13 (Friday)

Fifty Shades of Grey

February 20 (Friday)

Jane Got a Gun
The Gunman (Limited)

February 27 (Friday)

Hitman: Agent 47
Little Boy (Limited)

March 2015

March 6 (Friday)

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 2
Unfinished Business
The Coup (Limited)

March 13 (Friday)

Heart of the Sea
Scouts vs. Zombies

March 20 (Friday)

Divergent Series: Insurgent
Desert Dancer (Limited)

March 27 (Friday)

Get Hard
Home (in 3D)

April 2015

April 3 (Friday)

Fast & Furious 7
The Longest Ride

April 17 (Friday)

Monkey Kingdom
Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

Summer 2015

May 2015

May 1 (Friday)

Avengers: Age of Ultron (in 3D)
Far from the Madding Crowd (Limited)

May 8 (Friday)

Don’t Mess with Texas

May 15 (Friday)

Mad Max: Fury Road (in 3D)
Pitch Perfect 2

May 22 (Friday)

Tomorrowland (in 3D)

May 29 (Friday)

Insidious Chapter 3
Monster Trucks

June 2015

June 5 (Friday)

B.O.O.: Bureau of Otherworldly Operations (in 3D)
San Andreas

June 12 (Friday)

Jurassic World (in 3D)

June 19 (Friday)

The Fantastic Four
Inside Out

June 26 (Friday)

Ted 2

July 2015

July 1 (Wednesday)

Terminator: Genesis

July 3 (Friday)

Magic Mike XXL

July 10 (Friday)

Minions (in 3D)

July 17 (Friday)


July 24 (Friday)


July 31 (Friday)

Peregrine’s Home for Peculiars

August 2015

August 7 (Friday)

Assassin’s Creed
Point Break

August 14 (Friday)

Loomis Fargo
Straight Outta Compton

August 28 (Friday)


September 2015

September 18 (Friday)

Whitey Bulger Movie

September 25 (Friday)

Hotel Transylvania 2 (in 3D)
The Intern
Untitled Blumhouse Horror

October 2015

October 2 (Friday)

London Has Fallen
To Reach the Clouds

October 9 (Friday)

The Jungle Book (in 3D)

October 16 (Friday)

Crimson Peak
Untitled Cold War Spy Thriller

October 23 (Friday)

The Conjuring 2

November 2015

November 6 (Friday)

Bond 24
Peanuts Movie

November 13 (Friday)

Friday the 13th

November 20 (Friday)

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

November 25 (Wednesday – Thanksgiving)

The Good Dinosaur (in 3D)
Midnight Special

December 2015

December 11 (Friday)

Untitled Christmas Eve Project

December 18 (Friday)

The Nest
Star Wars: Episode VII (in 3D)

December 23 (Wednesday)

Kung Fu Panda 3 (in 3D)

December 25 (Friday – Christmas)

Mission Impossible 5


Why ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ Is the Best Sequel Since ‘The Dark Knight’

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

This past weekend the Alamo Drafthouse and Badass Digest held a special screening of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes with a Q&A after featuring Gary Oldman, Andy Serkis and director Matt Reeves. Seeing this incredible film and then hearing the Q&A, one thing became crystal clear: Matt Reeves saved this movie from being like every other sequel.

At several points Reeves mentions his initial contact with the studio and how the movie they presented to him wasn’t exactly the movie he was interested in making. It didn’t focus on the apes in the right ways, and it needed to tone down how much they had advanced since the last film. So the studio let him bring on a new writer to work with (Mark Bomback) and make the movie his way, so long as he could still get it done on time.

But asking for a rewrite isn’t the real reason Matt Reeves saved Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

What really brought this movie away from the brink of being just another sequel is how much reverence Reeves clearly has for not only the old Planet of the Apes series, but what was laid out in Rise of the Planet of the Apes. He points out a number of times during the Q&A how much admiration he had for Rise, and how many scenes influenced him, but what’s great about this isn’t that he saw what worked and did it again– which is exactly what you’d expect from a sequel. Rather, Reeves truly thought about and figured out why certain themes and ideas worked, what motivated them, and how those could be played out on a grander scale.

It’s odd that such simple extrapolation — of looking at an idea, understanding why it worked, and then applying those principles to new and different ideas — is rare for Hollywood sequels, but it unfortunately is. Just look at a sampling of big studio sequels from the last decade and you’ll see they pretty much only tackle what the first one did, but with bigger action scenes. Star Trek Into Darkness has Kirk battling with being a Captain again. Transformers 2 is just more bumbling humans as Optimus Prime fights Megatron again. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is Peter Parker still dealing with his daddy issues. Thor: The Dark World threatens to change the game, but then presses the just kidding button and ends up being all about Loki’s continued desire to dethrone daddy. The Hangover 2 is just the first movie in a different city. The list goes on.

dawn-planet-apes-trusthat’s not to say that all of those sequels are bad movies (though some are), only they exist to tread water and maintain status quo. There’s no sense of development or forward progress from the first film. The circumstances haven’t changed. Nothing has been truly learned by the characters. And so what saves Dawn of the Planet of the Apes from the fate of all these other sequels is Reeves’ awareness of progress, of understanding how the world of the first film has changed while the audience has been away. There’s a sense of intellectual continuity to it that’s pretty remarkable. The world kept spinning while we weren’t watching, and Reeves simply figures out a good point to jump back in and show us where things are now.

And not only is that how Reeves saves Dawn of the Planet of the Apes from being like most other sequels, it’s how he elevates it to the same level as the recent benchmark for ambitious sequels: The Dark Knight.

Now Bat-fans, before you start throwing Batarangs at me for daring to put another movie on The Dark Knight’s pedestal, I am not arguing one way or another that Dawn is better or worse than Nolan’s film, simply that everything that makes TDK great is present in Dawn. It respects what happens in the first movie, it respects the audience’s intelligence, and with those crucial things under its belt, it is allowed to take risks, to have consequences.

It’s funny how many sequels don’t allow that last part. They’re afraid that if they make any permanent decisions or mess with the formula of the first movie, audiences will be confused and frightened away in droves. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes doesn’t think that at all. It delights in making decisions. The entire movie is about decisions being made — both by the apes and the dwindling number of humans — and wow is that refreshing. And none of it would have ended up on the big screen were it not for Matt Reeves essentially telling the studio, “What if we…” instead of just going along with the status quo that was presented to him.

Having said all of that, it needs to be stressed that 20th Century Fox’s willingness to engage with Reeves’ ambitious plan is also what saved this movie. The studio folks could have simply said no to his counterpitch, but instead they had a dialogue with him. They selected a leader and they put their trust in him, echoing one of the movie’s biggest themes: a leader is only as strong as the community who enables them. And the result is a rich, complex movie unlike any of the other tentpole films that have hit theaters in years.

Watch the Trailer of this Movie:


Box Office Landmark: ‘Transformers 4′ Crosses $200M in China, Set to Pass ‘Avatar’

transformersTransformers: Age of Extinction”
Michael Bay’s tentpole, grossing $575.6 million globally in its first 12 days, will become the No. 1 film of all time in China sometime this week.

Paramount’s summer tentpole Transformers: Age of Extinction continues to amaze in China, where it zoomed past $200 million over the weekend to become the No. 2 grossing film of all time ahead of local hit Lost in Thailand.

And by midweek, the movie should eclipse James Cameron’s Avatar ($221.9 million) to become the top-grossing movie in history at the Chinese box office, not accounting for inflation.

Worldwide, Age of Extinction has earned $575.6 million in its first 12 days in release, including $400.0 million overseas. The international number is especially impressive considering it won’t launch in Latin America or most European countries until after the World Cup soccer championships.

China is the biggest market, where Age of Extinction grossed $50.9 million in its second weekend for a cume of  $212.8 million, followed by North America, where the fourth installment in the action franchise grossed $36.2 million in its second weekend for a total of $174.6 million.

That’s followed by Russia ($35.7 million), South Korea ($34.2 million), Australia ($17.7 million), Taiwan ($14.7 million) and Hong Kong ($10.3 million).

Age of Extinction has generated sizeable returns for Imax, becoming the fastest movie in history to reach $50 million in ticket sales. In China alone, Imax theaters have notched up $20 million in ticket sales, a record.

In North America, Age of Extinction is pacing behind the last two films in the series, the reverse of overseas. Box office observers believe the movie has a strong shot of reaching $800 million globally, the best showing of the year so far. Transformers: Dark of the Moon took in a franchise-best $1.123 billion worldwide, followed by Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen ($836 million).

Paramount considers Age of Extinction a reboot, considering it features a new leading man (Mark Wahlberg) and cast.




Paramount’s summer tentpole Transformers: Age of Extinction continues to amaze in China, where it zoomed past $200 million over the weekend to become the No. 2 grossing film of all time ahead of local hit Lost in Thailand. – See more at:
Paramount’s summer tentpole Transformers: Age of Extinction continues to amaze in China, where it zoomed past $200 million over the weekend to become the No. 2 grossing film of all time ahead of local hit Lost in Thailand. – See more at:
Paramount’s summer tentpole Transformers: Age of Extinction continues to amaze in China, where it zoomed past $200 million over the weekend to become the No. 2 grossing film of all time ahead of local hit Lost in Thailand. – See more at:

Box office news: ‘Transformers 4′ crushes ‘Tammy,’ ‘Earth to Echo’


ammy is no match for the Transformers. The Melissa McCarthy comedy had a slight shot at snagging the top spot over the holiday, but the Autobots managed to stave off extinction for one more week — at least till the Apes take over next weekend.

Michael Bay’s fourth installment in the toy-based franchise pulled in an estimated $10.6 million Friday, while the R-rated Tammy (C+ Cinema Score) took in $6.44 million from 3,400 theaters. In other words, there were no box office fireworks this weekend.

This isn’t a great showing for McCarthy. Poor reviews and a rotten C+ Cinema Score do not bode well for Tammy’s long-term legs, but Warner Bros.’ raunchy comedy cost a mere $20 million to produce and is on track to make $22 million across the weekend and a $33 million on the five-day. Still, it’s the one of her lowest openings ever. In 2013, McCarthy’s The Heat opened to $39 million and Identity Thief made $34.6 million in its first three days in theaters.

elativity’s found footage kid pic Earth to Echo (A- Cinema Score) debuted in 3,230 theaters and snagged the fourth place spot Friday with $2.63 million. The $13 million, PG-rated movie should get a bump over the weekend from families.

Screen Gems’ and Jerry Bruckheimer Films’ Deliver Us From Evil (B- Cinema Score) opened wide this weekend too. Inspired by the accounts of a real NYPD sergeant, the supernatural horror starring Eric Bana took in an estimated $2.54 million Friday, from 3,049 locations ($831 per-theater average). The first horror of the summer season took in audiences that were 49 percent female and 49 percent under the age of 25. It’s on track for a $8-9 million weekend and $14 million five-day.

Here’s the top five:

1. Transformers: Age of Extinction $10.6 million Friday ($148.95 million domestic)
2. Tammy – $6.44 million Friday ($18.18 million domestic total)
3. How to Train Your Dragon 2 $2.78 million Friday ($134.03 million domestic total)
4. Earth to Echo – $2.63 million Friday ($7.9 million domestic total)
5. Deliver Us From Evil — $2.54 million Friday ($8.04 million domestic total)

Check back in tomorrow for weekend estimates.

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