‘Insidious 2’ Screenwriter Promises Return of Comedic Duo Tucker and Specs

Earlier this month, we reported on the confirmation of a sequel for director James Wan’s horror film Insidious, but beyond the lead roles being refilled by Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson, other casting was uncertain. The movie’s screenwriter Leigh Whannell changed that in a recent interview with DreadCentral (via TheDailyDead), where he revealed his return as one half of the movie’s paranormal investigation duo, Tucker and Specs. Whannel, who played the nerdy Specs, spoke on his decision to bring the character back:

“I can say that yes, my character will be seen in Insidious 2… It may probably bum a lot of people out, though, to hear this news. It’s part of the reason I don’t even read the internet message boards anymore; there was this hatred that spewed out from fans saying ‘I hated those guys! They sucked! They ruined the movie!’ so there will probably be a lot of people out there who will be disappointed to hear that the Specs and Tucker characters will be coming back (laughs).”

Tucker (Angus Sampson) and Specs were the stand-outs in Insidious, as they offered some much needed, though unexpected, comic relief in a film that took itself way too seriously. Their appearance did conflict with the overall tone, though so I could see how fans wouldn’t want them back; I welcome the idea, however. I’d even encourage giving them more screen time.

The sequel is the second project Wan is working on this year, along with the biographical haunted house movie The Warren Files. Production on Insidious 2 is expected to begin later this year and should hit theaters in 2013.

Do you think bringing Tucker and Specs back is a good idea? 

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