John Turturro Might Reteam With Director Michael Bay On PAIN AND GAIN?

John Turturro played that annoying agent Simmons in Michael Bay‘s Transformers movies and LatinoReview has heard that Turturro and Bay might reteam for the low budget Paramount comedy PAIN AND GAIN..

PAIN AND GAIN is based on 1999?s Miami New Times Article which is about a pair of Florida bodybuilders of Sun Gym Gang, who get caught up in an extortion ring and kidnapping gone awry. Rob Corddy plays a former competitive bodybuilder named John Mese who now owns his own gym where Wahlberg’s character works as personal trainer. Mese was once an account and notary, skills that makes him a valuable yet unwilling member of Wahlberg’s scheme.
Mark Wahlberg plays ringleader Daniel Lugo, Dwayne Johnson plays wingman Adrain Doorbal.
Albert Brooks was reportedly the actor that the producers wanted for the role of Miami businessman Marc Schiller who was the guy Lugo and Doorbal kidnapped, tortured and left for dead. Schiller then hired P.I. Ed Dubois to get back at Lugo and Doorbal.
Ed Harris might get to play Dubois and Brooks won’t play Schiller anymore and so the outlet heard that Turturro is now circling the role of Schiller.

Scripted by Captain America: The First Avenger screenwriting team, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely
This is the project that Paramount houses in order to temp Bay to return and do TRANSFORMERS 4 and as you may have heard, it worked. Bay and Paramount are indeed going to do TRANSFORMERS 4 after Bay’s done with PAIN AND GAIN

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