John Turturro Plans Reunion With Michael Bay on ‘Pain and Gain’

Much as I love John Turturro — and, believe you me, I love John Turturro — the experience of seeing him cavort around in two Transformers movies (still haven’t seen the third) was endlessly painful and embarrassing. With that in mind, you’d probably think that a Pain and Gain pairing between the actor and Michael Bay — a man I almost hold in full blame for how that turned out — would be something to dread.

I’m not dreading such a reunion, though, much for that same reason I’m not dreading Pain and Gain: it’s an entirely different beast. So I actually look with optimism at LatinoReview‘s story, which tells us that Turturro could join the project in one of its most crucial roles. First (and as you probably know), Pain and Gain centers on two bodybuilders, Daniel Lugo (Mark Wahlberg) and Adrain Doorbal (Dwayne Johnson), who kidnap a man as part of a heist — but, because they’re so stupid, it goes terribly wrong.

Turturro would be playing the kidnapee, “Miami businessman Marc Schiller.” After being tortured and left for dead by the two men, Schiller sought revenge by hiring a private investigator, Ed Dubois, a role which Ed Harris has been situated into. You can find out where it all goes from there by clicking this link.

The actor is currently in talks for a part that Albert Brooks had to turn down for whatever reason; LatinoReview notes that this might be a better choice, however, primarily because the script by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely has echoes of something by the Coen brothers — territory he knows well. I’d guess that Pain and Gain ends up somewhere between the sensibilities of those two and Bay; maybe it’s best we have the latter doing more of his own thing here, so long as there’s strong talent tagging along.

Do you also see promise in Turturro taking a part in Pain and Gain?

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